Wavac HE-833 SETs on Symposium Ultras

Using a variety of top quality equipment to monitor master tapes in preparation for a remastering session is a key to Steve's success. Here are a pair of Wavac HE-833 monoblock amplifiers- which put out 100 watts of pure single-ended-triode power. They're sitting on a pair of Symposium Ultra Platforms, which refine, but do not change, the sound of active components, by removing extraneous mechanical energy from the amplifier chassis.

In the background are a pair of chrome-plated Grover amps on Symposium Super platforms. These high power, push-pull amplifiers were designed for Steve by Grover Scott Huffman. Also, note the all-tube Joule Electra dual-chassis phono stage, Steve's reference phono preamplifier.