Point Pods with the classic Quad Electrostatic ESL 57 loudspeaker

Anyone who's been around high end audio has probably, at one time or another, been in love with the Quad ESl 57 loudspeaker - the first commercially availalble full range electrostatic (released in 1957). Although this classic loudspeaker may be considered to have certain limitations by modern standards, its strengths were (and still are) so outstanding that it remains a classic still in wide use by die-hard fans today. At the risk of provoking the ire of the audio gods, let us go out on a stout limb and dare to say that a modest set of three Poiint Pods under the immortal Quad's three wood "feet" can effect amazing gains in clarity, depth and focus, by providing a more efficient ground terminus for spurious mechanical energy. If you have a set of Quads, and still love to listen to them, you owe it to yourself to try a set of Point Pods with your great Golden (or black screen, as here) Oldies.

Point Pods also work well with other loudspeakers, improving focus, detail, and bass performance from large floorstanding speakers and bookshelf units alike.