P     A     N     O     R     A     M     A

The production version HF modules of the Panorama as displayed at RMAF 2008. The larger, Lower Midrange LM-1 panels have been streamlined over prototype versions previously displayed, and the center Upper Midrange (UM-1) and Ribbon Tweeter (RT-2) driver assemblies are mounted on a curved floating baffle structure that is constrained-layer damped, then isolated in 6 vectors from the mainframe assembly for minimum intermodulation distortion in the critical upper midrange/high frequency range.

The frame structure of the HF module has been considerably improved, with anodized 3" x 1" 6061 aircraft aluminum uprights and cross brace system that is directly mounted to the dedicated Ultra Platform Stealth Edition base. In addition, there are special edition, hard-coat anodized 7075 Rollerblock Jr. isolators mounted to the bottom of the Ultra bases.

The crossover network control center, with variable level control for individual drivers, is accessible at the rear of the HF module. It includes its own special edition Ultra Platform. The crossover system in turn is Rollerblock isolated from the HF module Ultra base.

The Panorama at RMAF 2008 was driven by the Emotive Audio Vita monoblock amplifiers (mounted on Ultra Platform Ampstands) and Epifania preamplifier, which are lovingly made by Emotive Audio Design of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Emotive's products represent some of the finest preamplifiers and amplifiers available in the world, with each and every unit carefully assembled and "voiced" with fanatical attention to detail. While the Panorama gets a lot of attention, a state-of-the-art speaker will not perform its best unless the electronics are not merely first-rate, but truly exceptional. We believe that our 2-year-in-a-row "Best Sound at Show" award from The Absolute Sound would not have been possible without Emotive electronics! (By the way, the Manley tape preamplifiers shown here, used with the Tascam reel-to-reel tape deck, were special units modified by Emotive Audio)