Symposium's RMAF 2008 Exhibit Room

A somewhat closer view of the entire system used at RMAF 2008

Front end equipment was held by a 5 level Symposium Isis Rack with "XT Plus" 4-quadrant adjustable top level. This rack holds, from top:

On either side of the rack are the Emotive Audio Design Vita monoblock amplifiers. These employed a pair of 6550 output tubes in Emotive's "E-Linear" circuit topology. "E-Linear" is the name of an ingenious circuit, invented by Emotive Audio, that uses local feedback in a novel way that reduces distortion beyond what is possible with conventional tubed amplifier circuits. The Vita amps use NO global feedback in their circuit, and deliver superb inner detail, delicacy, and lifelike musical sound with dynamics and impact that seems to well exceed their official "test bench" wattage rating of 50 watts output.
The Vitas are isolated and treated with "Double Stacked" Rollerblock Series 2+ and Ultra Platform Ampstands.

Cable and wiring was Classic Anniversary and Emperor Crown Siltech silver/gold and single-crystal "Nine Nines" interconnect and speaker cable.

Power cords were by Essential Sound Products of Detroit and included their excellent "The Essence Reference" power cords and Reference Power Distributor.

Thanks also to Mr. Robert Stein of The Cable Company for the loan of the "HiFi Tuning Noise Destroyer" which, in spite of our initial skepticism, effectively reduced power line-pollution-caused "nasties" in the room.