Vibration Isolation/Drainage at AcousTech!

Note the "turntable" at right, connected into a large console table. This is the Neumann lathe, where the actual vinyl masters are cut. If you look carefully at the floor at the base of the Neumann lathe, you will notice what looks like a "moat" or demarcation line in the floor going around the lathe console - this is actually a ravine where the concrete floor was cut out, in order to isolate the entire table from the rest of the studio floor! Now, this is REALLY correct isolation vis-a-vis Symposium principles of vibration control - because it does NOT cut off the lathe machinery from a good mechanical ground, something absolutely essential for best results! Does this concept work? Read Michael Fremer's comments about the recent Creedence Clearwater Revival LPs mastered here in his May, 2002 column (page 37) in Stereophile, where he comments on the "breathtaking transparency, ground-shaking bass, wide-open dynamics, superb transients, and freedom from edge or grain" of this re-issue.