Pictured here is a 24x19 Svelte Plus deployed under a TW Acustic Raven, a world-class turntable built to the highest standards. The Svelte Plus platform brings out the best in a superb machine such as this, providing not only isolation and damping, but also a stable, acoustically neutral mechanical ground for both turntable and motor.

Even when using a thick and heavy slab for a turntable base (such as the 2" thick solid slate piece used here), a Symposium Platform will make substantial improvements in sound quality because the platform is able to dissipate energy faster and more neutrally than any one material - be it wood, stone, plastic, or metal. All contiguous materials have a sonic signature - and hence will ultimately color sound, often in ways that are not immediately perceivable. Our platforms are designed with different materials in balanced constrained-layer configurations which cancel or minimize the inherent colorations or resonances of the materials used in their construction, while optimizing the mechanical interface to the component. Thus, the platform becomes an extension of the component, allowing internal energies to be further evacuated and thus reduced. The proper deployment of a Symposium platform with an appropriate mechanical interface can result in a dramatic improvement in sonics, with neutral timber resolution from bass to treble, dimensionality, and dynamics - three of the most important characteristics of sound which, when correctly preserved, render musicality, realism, and authority.