Front view of the TW Acustic Raven on the Svelte Plus. Notice the Rollerblock Jr. footer isolators immediately below the 2" thick slate, and mounted on top of the four square maple posts. The Rollerblock Jrs. improved transient speed and accuracy (especially in the bass) compared to the sorbothane isolators which they replaced. This setup is recommended for turntables, since it allows the Symposium platform to drain the turntable through its built-in rigid footers and presents a more optimum mechanical ground interface than granite, wood, or in this case, slate, which in this system then works (as it is intended to do) as a high mass "sink" for lower frequency energy. Combined in this way, a Symposium platform immediately above a heavy slab can present a better interface for the turntable and also damps the slab. The Rollerblock Jr., placed underneath the entire system (which includes the slate slab), provides nearly perfect lateral isolation down to extremely low frequencies, vitally important for any front end playback device.
Our thanks to A.S. of New York for the excellent pictures!