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Rollerblock Jr. improved results with a double rim drive turntable system. The resourceful owner, a doctor from Brussels, Belgium, coupled his Rollerblock Jr. units to Precision couplers (with Symposium-supplied 1/4-20 setscrews), and so was able to raise the height while maintaining or improving the damping and mechanical coupling qualities which are engineered into every Rollerblock product. Interestingly, the Rollerblock system allowed him to absorb small variations in lateral thrust caused by the inevitable small variations in diameter and contact between the two rims, while providing enough lateral bias for good contact. This is preferable and superior to a stationary system, because the Rollerblocks, unlike cones or points, can correct error and vibration caused by small discontinuities in the rim drives, whereas a point or cone system will transmit them through to the record/stylus. Here is his description:

"VPI TNT Twin platters rim, drive direct-coupled Symposium Ultra / Rollerblocks Jr. As you can see, I used my old TNT platter to rim drive the new superplatter via O-Ring around it and thread between motor and first platter. The horizontal motion of tungsten rollerblocks give constant low pressure between the two platters and vertical pressure on TT plinth is solid. ... This setup is superior to the TNT HRX rim drive (I direct compared). I am very happy with your isolation platform..."

Later, he wrote to us again:

"Thank you for your interest in this new system. I could realise it through your wonderful products, and believe me, this turntable system surpasses by far the best turntables I have heard... You have to hear it to believe! The dynamics and details are hard to believe it comes from a vinyl record. My complete system can be seen on Audiogon site, members system, ever evolving , twin platters rim drive / winged Logans. So you can see also what others say about it. Resolution can be improved because I am waiting for my Allaerts Finish to be repaired, and with that one it will be KILLER SETUP ! I have to thank Roy Gregory from HiFi +, Peter from Symposium, Harry Weisfeld from VPI, Bob Graham, Doug Garretson Audiogon member all of them helped me make this project possible.
Best regards.
Jean." (Brussels, Belgium)