Rollerblock Isolation Modules (Patented)


Rollerblock Modules
The Isis Rack system utilizes dedicated, Rollerblock® isolation modules which provide nearly perfect lateral isolation not only for the level it treats, but all levels of the rack above it. Because of its precision engineered parts complement and no-compromise materials complement, Rollerblocks have been acclaimed by professional reviewers and audiophiles around the world as an extremely effective method for reducing vibration-induced distortions in audio and video components. Its hallmark is the reduction of mechanical noise without the unwanted resonances and new distortions which cheaper, "shortcut" ball bearing systems inevitably add. (For a more lengthy discussion of Rollerblock technology, see the page entitled "Rollerblock Systems vs. Compliant Isolation Devices" in our "Technology" section.)

Magnetic Bias System
Each Rollerblock module for the Isis Rack uses centrally seated, powerful neodymium magnets. This patented "Magnetic Bias" technology not only holds in place and provides precise centering of the ball bearings but also provides a frictionless restorative "bias" force for the bearing's movement.

Modular Design, Symposium Compound Isolation (TM)
If desired, additional Rollerblock modules can be added at any time to any Isis Rack. Most Isis models include two sets of Rollerblock modules to provide the top level with Compound Isolation. Since each Rollerblock Module isolates not just the shelf level, but the entire rack structure above its installation point, additional Rollerblock modules added to subsequent levels have the interesting result of providing what we call "Compound Isolation" - that is, levels which are actively isolated from isolated levels. The mass of the central isolated section provides inertial ballast which absorbs lateral movement, and the next Rollerblock module above is able to further decouple from lateral vibration. Even vertical displacements are compensated for by this system, and results with analog turntables even on "springy" floors are outstanding - while still providing excellent "solid" mechanical coupling. This design provides superior isolation from footfall vibration and is unsurpassed at preserving sonic purity for analog turntables as well as digital transports, and is now patented.
The Isis Rack employs built-in Rollerblock Modules (visible at left at the top of the legs) in between sections to provide discreet section isolation while still maintaining a good mechanical ground path.

This particular rack is a "Plus" version with an extra base level that enables the bottom level of the rack to "float." It has Rollerblock Modules installed at every level for unsurpassed Compound Isolation benefits. Additional Rollerblock Modules may be added to the Isis Rack at any time.

The rack shown here was photographed at a past CES Show and is the 21 x 19 size with "Basic" levels.

Advantages of Rollerblock Isolation in the Isis Rack
The Rollerblock isolation system provides true level-to-level separation with minimal low frequency coupling between levels. While all other rack systems decouple shelves from the rack legs, the Isis' Rollerblock module isolates the entire rack above it - including the legs - while still maintaining all-important mechanical grounding (Please see our white paper on the Series 2 Rollerblock). The conventional approach to the problem of providing isolation in racks involves 1) spikes, ball contacts or cones between levels; 2) sorbothane rubber pads or bumpers; or 3) inflatable rubber air bags. Spikes, cones, or ball contacts cannot provide true isolation (since they provide rigid coupling between levels); sorbothane rubber pads or bumpers store and release energy while cutting off mechanical ground through a mechanical high impedance. This creates problems with spurious resonances throughout the lower audio spectrum and limits ultimate performance of the system. Rubber air bags are also prone to this problem, with the additional annoyance of leaking bladders, instability, and weight balance issues. The Isis Compound Isolation system avoids all of these problems and provides superior low frequency isolation with simultaneous preservation of good mechanical ground.



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