Available configurations

The Rollerblock Series 2 system kit includes Rollerblock Series 2 bodies, polished stainless steel "Rollerplates" and standard chromium steel grade 25 balls, packed in a wood, foam-lined presentation/storage case.

Set of 3 : Suitable for most installations and components. Virtually no weight limit.

Set of 4 : Will yield best sonic results with heavier components (over 50 pounds), very large components, or components with "complex" multi-level bottom chassis (such as DVD players).

Double Stack : Arguably, the state of the art Rollerblock configuration at this time, especially when used with the Superball upgrade. The Double Stack system uses an additional set of Series 2 bodies, inverted, placed on top of the ball bearing. Thus, a "sandwich" is formed with a block body on top and bottom, and a ball in between. This system can make startling improvements in component performance. The additional bodies are available by themselves at reduced price.



Genuine Rollerblock Series 2+ systems are sold factory direct or through authorized Symposium dealers with a full money back guarantee; if you are unsatisfied with your Rollerblocks for any reason, just return them in original condition for a full refund of the purchase price.


Please call for pricing and/or authorized dealers.

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