Symposium's CES2001 Room at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas, featuring a 4-level, 45" Precision Rack with Ultra shelves and Rollerblocks. The Verity Parsifals (Sycamore finish) were mated to special Symposium Ultra bases and Svelte Center Sections (see Makore Wood Parsifals page for more info). Balanced Audio Technology provided the VKD5SE CD player, VK50SE preamp, and a pair of VK150SE monoblock amplifiers. In the bottom of the rack is a PS Audio 600 power conditioner; wire and cabling was by Siltech, with Essential Sound Products power cords and distribution bars. This was an extraordinarily good sounding system- as was witnessed and attested to by anyone who visited. For some of the humans behind the setup in this room, please see the "About Us" page that features some the Symposium personnel and friends on hand.