These beautiful Makore wood Parsifals by Verity Audio of Quebec are one of the world's classic loudspeakers. How can you make a good thing better? The Ultras shown were a special edition Ultra platform expressly made for the Parsifal, with cutouts in the top layer to allow the Parsifal's permanently mounted, threaded spike bases to "sink in," so that the bottom of the speaker makes maximum contact with the Ultra for best coupling and drainage (click here for picture of platform showing the cutouts). The Ultras further "damp" the cabinet of unwanted vibration, and bring the tweeter height up to what most find to be a better level. Also, the original center "isolation section" of granite and rubber (yikes!) has been replaced by a custom size Svelte Plus (click here for picture), which greatly improves performance over the "stock" configuration. Finally, a set of Rollerblocks isolate the entire top section with Svelte Section. This is the "ultimate" Parsifal setup!

Please see another view of Verity Audio's Parsifals in beautiful Sycamore finish, at our CES 2001 room in Las Vegas during the last Consumer Electronics Show.