The Segue series of Symposium platforms provide reference quality damping and isolation performance without adding additional resonances or colorations - and at a very reasonable price!

100% made in the U.S.A. with Symposium's classic, time-proven constrained-layer damped, stepped-impedance matching design, the Segue (pronounced "seg-way") and Segue ISO represent a price breakthrough that's effective with all components, including source components such as CD, DVD, SACD and other digital disc players, suspended analog turntables, hard disk drive and solid state drive music servers, preamplifiers, amplifiers, power supplies, power conditioners, loudspeakers of all types, and more. Choose the Segue for most all components, including loudspeakers, and choose the Segue ISO for analog turntables or for critical, sensitive components that need complete isolation from extreme low frequency waves caused by footfalls, bass feedback, etc.


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