Vibration Control Products
Suitable for use as dedicated platforms or as replacement shelves in existing racks and stands, Symposium platforms allow you to realize optimum performance from your audio and video components by draining and dissipating mechanical energy without unwanted resonances. Symposium platforms bring out maximum performance from Rollerblock systems (see below).
Segue Platform    
Affordable, Symposium Quality Isolation
Segue ISO    
Optimized for Turntable Isolation
Svelte Shelf    
5/8" thick Stainless Steel Powerhouse
Svelte Plus    
1 1/8" thick Intermediate Platform
    Super Plus Platform
Direct descendant of the original "board"
Ultra Platform    
The classic industry standard
    Quantum Signature
The Reference Isolation Platform
Ball-bearing isolation devices can make improvements in system performance unmatched by other isolation devices. SYMPOSIUM introduced the bearing isolation device for active components with the original ROLLERBLOCK in 1997. Constantly improved since then, we make the finest bearing isolation devices anywhere - because when it comes to bearing isolation for audio and video, we wrote the book.
Rollerblock Series 2+    
Since 1997, the standard of excellence in bearing isolation
    Rollerblock Jr.
"Son of Rollerblock" is easy to use, effective, and affordable
    Rollerblock Jr. HDSE
Choose HDSE for superb results at an intermediate price

Stationary footer devices which work independently or in conjunction with Symposium platforms.
Point Pods      

Fat Padz       Ultra Padz
Mini platforms for use with small components or footer devices
Precision Couplers      SuperCouplers
Energy conduits and Spike receptacle/floor protectors
We didn't compromise the design so you don't have to compromise the performance of your components.
Modular. Expandable. State-of-the-art.
The Isis Rack
Simply the most advanced equipment rack in the world.
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