Beware of Imitations!

Symposium Quality is Guaranteed
Don't gamble your hard-earned money on imitation products from questionable sources! Symposium Acoustics has been serving the Audiophile community for over 10 years - and we stand behind our products with a full money back guarantee.

Why Buy Symposium?
We stand by our products with expertise and experience that has no match in the world of audio and video. Symposium invented and pioneered the first isolation ball bearing device for active components - the Rollerblock - and has carefully improved it since its introduction in 1997. Today, after many also-rans and imitations, Symposium Rollerblocks are still recognized around the world as the best equipment "footer" device available - at any price. And, after more than 10,000 Rollerblock devices sold, we know the requirements to make ball bearing isolation devices work to their maximum potential for audio and video better than anyone, and carefully implement these parameters into the Rollerblock's design, manufacture, and continual evolution.

Tungsten Carbide Balls Introduced to the High-End by Symposium
Symposium was the first to discover the importance of ball material for ball bearing isolation devices, and introduced the Tungsten Carbide ball upgrade in 1998, a year after the first Rollerblock. As opposed to chromium steel balls, Tungsten Carbide balls provide better bass, lower background noise, more definite imaging specificity, weight, and musical authority. By comparison, some have characterized chromium steel balls as sounding "brighter" or "faster" than Tungsten but this is a subjective judgment based upon comparison. Tungsten Carbide sounds better because it preserves a more coherent "link" to the Rollerblock body than chromium steel or other materials, due to its unique combination of mechanical transmission and hardness. The heat transmission index of Tungsten is very close to that of aluminum, which means that it makes an excellent match for the aircraft aluminum Rollerblock body. This critical "link" to mechanical ground is often overlooked, but is necessary for proper results.

Grade 10 Precision - now the standard Tungsten Carbide upgrade
In 1999, Symposium determined that grade precision - that is, how perfectly round each ball is, and how similar in size each ball is to each other - is of critical importance to performance in ball bearing isolation devices. All Tungsten Carbide balls now supplied by Symposium are Grade 10 precision; off-the-shelf bearings, by comparison, are Grade 100, or 10 times LESS precise. How perfectly round a ball is has a profound effect upon its vibrational characteristics and directly influences the amount of distortion produced (or not produced) by the Rollerblock system as it responds to micro-displacements caused by vibration. The more perfect a ball and the more uniform each ball is, the better the Rollerblock system can respond to vibration, and the less distortion is induced into the electro-mechanical system which the Rollerblock system is protecting.

Trade Up to the Grade 3 Superball
When you purchase standard Tungsten Carbide balls from Symposium you are guaranteed FULL retail value back at ANY time when upgrading to the unparalleled Grade 3 Superball. (Balls purchased from other sources do not qualify for this program.) The Grade 3 Superball represents true state-of-the-art precision and is the finest ball currently available from any source.

Contact Symposium for full information on high precision Symposium Tungsten Carbide balls
There are many suppliers of Tungsten Carbide balls- but we are dedicated to bringing you only the finest quality products. Don't "settle" for second quality- call or email to find out all the advantages of genuine Symposium Tungsten Carbide balls for your Rollerblock system.

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