Please note: The Isis Platform has been discontinued; this page is left intact for reference purposes, as many original Isis Shelves are still in service and may occasionally be offered for resale.

1" thick, the Isis Platform consisted of matte black top and bottom aluminum layers. The interior of the platform employed additional constrained layers and a center foam section of limited compliance. Its four sides were sealed with black, textured edgebanding. The Isis Platform was available in virtually all sizes, but the most popular size was the standard 18.75" by 13.75", which is adequate for most components.

As with all Symposium platforms, the Isis Platform improves equipment performance by reducing the effects of mechanical vibration. It is recommended for use with components weighing up to about 50 pounds. Benefits include improved bass without "bloat" or overhang; smoother, more natural midrange and high frequencies; and a more coherent, musical presentation. The Isis Platform improves results whether used with secondary footer devices or alone, but please be aware that the use of rubber feet with any Symposium platform is counter-productive due to the unfortunate storage and release and other mechanical characteristics of rubber, sorbothane, and other polymer materials. The Isis Platform can be used as a replacement shelf or damping platform for undesirable acoustic surfaces such as glass, undamped metal, or stone, and will provide significantly improved resonance characteristics over these types of shelf materials.

With Rollerblocks or Couplers
While beneficial used by itself, the Isis Platform provides additional sonic performance when used with Rollerblock Jr. or Precision Couplers. An efficient mechanical connection between the chassis of the component and the top of the platform will result in optimum results, and Rollerblocks provide this while at the same time providing effective lateral isolation from low frequency waves. If Rollerblocks are not used, and the equipment has rubber feet, Precision Couplers can be used, which will provide a neutral, effective mechanical ground with the Isis Platform. Rollerblock Jr. can also be placed beneath the platform, but best results are usually obtained directly between the component chassis and the platform. See the Rollerblock systems pages for more information.

Enter the Segue Platform
Upon popular demand for a comparable entry level platform, Symposium introduced the Segue Platform in 2013. The Segue is a comparably priced but superior design which fills the "niche" left vacant by the absence of the Isis Platform. Please link to the Segue Platform here for more information.


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