Series 1 to Series 2+ Rollerblock Upgrade

Series 1 - the beginning
The earliest Rollerblocks, made in 1997, are referred to as Series 1. Shown at left in the above picture, these are distinguished by the following characteristics:

Absence of laser-engraved border around the polished cup area
No acoustic foam in the bottom "matrix"
Legend below trademark on side reads "Patent Pending"
Top legend reads "No. xxx" instead of "Set No. xxxx"

In addition, the very earliest Series 1 Rollerblocks also had:

7/16" chromium steel balls as opposed to 1/2"

An absence of stainless steel Rollerplates

Other differences
The manufacturing process for the Series 1 Rollerblocks also differed from that of the current Series 2, which benefit from further manufacturing refinement and superior polishing techniques. Also, it was found that the absence of foam in the matrix could, in certain situations, cause a slight "forwardness" in the 6 kHz region, and this was cured by filling these holes with acoustic foam.

The Upgrade Program
Send us your old Series 1 Rollerblocks and we will upgrade them to Series 2+. For a fee, we will include:

Repolishing the cup to current surface standards
Installing acoustic foam in the bottom "matrix"
New 1/2" Grade 10 Tungsten Carbide balls (Grade 3 Superballs also available)
New stainless steel Rollerplates
New instruction sheet
Repackaging your set in a current "Series 2+" box

The performance of Series 1 Rollerblocks is only exceeded by Series 2 or Series 2+ Rollerblocks; our upgrade program will enable you to realize the same quality that a new set of Series 2 can provide. Please contact us direct for pricing and turnaround times.

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