SYMPOSIUM®  Shelf Platform
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NOTE: The Shelf Platform has been discontinued. This page exists for reference data for those who may still own or may plan to purchase a Shelf Platform on the used equipment market.

The Shelf Platform is our original "thin" shelf solution for racks, and an entry-level Symposium platform which belongs to the same design family as the Ultra and Super Plus.

The Shelf Platform is 1.25" thick, and consists of an attractive top layer of brushed, anodized aluminum bonded to three additional constrained layers. A center foam section of ½ inch is bonded to two bottom constrained layers.

The Shelf Platform is a winner under most components, and an excellent choice with Rollerblocks, or just to replace or cover a "hard" sounding surface, such as glass. The Shelf Platform improves sonics by absorbing harmful vibratory energy from your component; benefits include better bass, a smoother, more natural top end, and better dynamics and midrange. Three standard couplers are supplied with every Shelf Platform for coupling your component to its top layer.

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