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"···At the end of the decade I got the chance to try Peter Bizlewicz's outstanding Symposium Acoustics Isis Rack, which in its pioneering use of aircraft-aluminum cups and tungsten carbide balls, introduced a new element to resonance control - roller bearings. By using constrained-layer-damped shelves in a beautifully machined aluminum rack, with both the shelves themselves and the struts on which the shelves sit separated from one another by roller bearings, Symposium's Isis did not just turn resonant energy more efficiently into heat; it also seemed to more effectively drain that energy away without feeding it (or select parts of it) back into the items sitting n the shelves. I say this because, in the listening, there was a marked increase in neutrality and transparency when the components were seated on the Symposium stand. It was as if the sonic presentation were "deburred" - little areas of tonal, textural, and dynamic roughness (what I assume were little resonant peaks) were smoothed down into uniformity. The presentation might have been just a touch "politer" dynamically than it was via, oh, the Walker Proscenium rack (although nowhere near as polite as it was with Critical Mass' first stands), but it was also much smoother and more neutral in balance and much more subtly detailed, with absolutely top-notch resolution of very-low-level detail and superior isolation from footfalls. (I still use the Symposium Acoustics Isis rack and recommend it)."

- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, October 2012

Isis Four Level HD "Standard" model, with Black legs and hardware

Isis Three Level "Basic Plus" model, with Black legs and hardware



"...I know I called the other day to say thanks again...and the rack is great, but I thought I'd take another minute to let you know it is in fact better than great, it's fantastic.

"It took me 15 minutes or so to get accustomed to the new more accurate tonal balance. There is now no mid-bass bloat at all (or mid-bass overhang on the midrange), and there is startling clarity / detail, and dynamics. I hear things in some recordings I have never heard before. Low bass is punchy and defined, without being overly accentuated...

"The dynamic contrasts are so improved I can now listen at a relatively lower volume setting, and hear more detail. Do other customers say that? Really, I can set the volume lower and still "hear into the mix" better than before when at a higher volume setting. This allows me to put less stress on my Grado SR 80s, and my eardrums too...

"I hope it isn't a sad statement on my life that the Isis rack is now my pride and joy. It is simply the nicest thing I own, and that includes my supercharged Pontiac, my assortment of fine wool business suits, or anything else for that matter."

- M.M., New York



"I have some further comments for you on my experience with your Isis rack. After a few weeks of listening and further adjustments (leveling, aluminum feet adjustments), I feel compelled to let you know the following.

"Quite a bit of the music I listen to is acoustic in nature and therefore it is pretty easy to hear the effect of the Isis on the accuracy of the sound reproduced. The tonal accuracy of the music has improved to the extent that every musical instrument in both classical and jazz styles sounds real. In the past before the stand, the sound accuracy was already very good but during each listening session the tonal balance would shift from correct to slightly hard or to slightly dull or slightly complex mix of not-quite-there-accuracy for unpredictable reasons. Now, it stays fixed to always accurate.

"Furthermore, the separation between sound and non-sound in 3-D space is shockingly distinct now. There isn't any blurring or guessing where the sound comes from, it's very clear and exact where each note of music is issued in 3-D space. When I listen to choral works, what used to be a wave of sound that was so enveloping and grand is now distinct voices each coming from a fixed space very close together but still clearly distinct. With this tightening of the imaging, the effect is also that there is more perceived detail. What was a smear of sound in the deep background has now tightened to be an identifiable sound.

"These are the two significant improvements I have found since I installed the Isis.
The result is a change more significant than any power cable, interconnect or even equipment change I have ever made.

"Mind you, the Isis did take some time to settle down and the "new" sound took sometime to get used to. I tried to be neutral in evaluating the rack. Each time I questioned if I liked the new or old sound better, I asked myself "are the sounds truer?" or "it might be less warm or thick but is it genuine?" and it's always yes. I've had audiophiles and 'ordinary' non-audiophiles listen to the system and the reaction is summarized as "you've taken it to another level".

"So thank you for providing me the means to move my music experience to a higher plane. And you've made my expensive equipment value for money! Bravo!"

- F.L. Kin, Bangkok

"I compared this Isis rack with 3 components setup (cd transport, dac and integrated amplifier at home)··· With Isis much more magic, much more micro details, more music."

- W.K., Austria

"Well, I finally unboxed the Isis...and I heard it for the first time in my system here... WOW!!!! I just have my modded SCD-1 and MD-300B (w/WE-300B tubes) and some 95db rear horn speakers. Previously, the Sony was on an Ultra sitting on my old Target welded rack with inverted Rollerblocks between the Sony and Ultra. Now the SCD-1 and inverted Rollerblocks are on the top shelf of the Isis and the sound is noticeably more transparent, open, detailed with a more precise image. Tonally, a lighter, more ethereal sound but can rock when the material calls for it to. I also notice more sonic differences between sources which I prefer as it tells me the Isis is more neutral.

A bigtime thumbs up!!!!!"

- J.R., Ohio


4 Level Isis with "Ultra" levels, Silver Edition, with Xtended Top. Click image for full Isis Rack review

"XT" Xtended Top - click picture for more

"Standard" levels with Black Anodized finish Legsets
"Standard" levels with black anodized finish

Click on image for details on the patented Isis Rollerblock Module System

Exclusive Electrical Ground Connection

click on picture for enlargement

Yes, the rack matters!
If you want truly great performance from your music or home theater system, then you should know that what you place your components on makes the difference between good results and great results. Today's sensitive electronic equipment is more and more sensitive to the distortions which come from an unexpected source - mechanical vibration. Even subtle vibration will affect the quality of what you hear and what you see, and the better your components, the more important vibration control becomes. Vibration control represents the leading edge in state-of-the-art audio and video system technology, and for this reason, the equipment rack is a component which has become vital in determining the ultimate character and quality of a home theater or music system.

Why the Isis?
Our "Isis" stands for "Independent Shelf Isolation System." The patented Isis Rack doesn't merely excel at meeting the goals for which all high quality equipment racks should strive - acoustic neutrality, simplicity of design, excellent energy drainage and dissipation, isolation from floor borne vibration, and an optimal mechanical ground path - the Isis Rack, goes beyond these goals with innovations that exist in no other racks - at any price. Innovations such as EMI/RFI Faraday isolation, Compound Isolation, and optional 4-quadrant, independently leveled Turntable Tops.

The design goal of the "perfect" equipment rack has been addressed by the Isis Rack in a modular solution that offers the convenience of being expandable at any time to accommodate additional components. Click here for a full review of the Isis Rack system.

Exclusive Features

The Isis Rack combines two innovative technologies pioneered by Symposium: the Svelte Shelf and the Rollerblock isolation system. The combination makes for a startling advance in rack technology.

Built-in Rollerblock isolation.
The Isis Rack features Symposium Rollerblock Isolation - not merely providing isolation of the shelf, but isolating the entire level (including the legs) from other levels while still maintaining a constant-density mechanical ground path (Patented). It is interesting to note that two of the requirements for proper component support - isolation and mechanical grounding - are seemingly contradictory: this is the essence of the solution that the Rollerblock Module provides.

"Svelte Shelf" Technology
Symposium's popular "Svelte Shelf" has been considered an essential component by audiophiles for years, an accessory device that some have called "compulsory." The Svelte Shelf's constrained-layer stainless steel sandwich construction provides lower distortion and a rarely heard, coloration-free neutrality. Every Isis level, whether a Standard (0.75" thick) Level or an Ultra (1.875" thick) Level, is supplied with 3 Precision Couplers, which provide exellent mechanical coupling between equipment chassis in order to make best use of the energy absorbing function of the Isis shelves.

Magnetic Bias technology
Magnetic Bias bearing technology keeps the bearings of the Rollerblock isolator units conveniently centered while lifting or changing levels, and also provides frictionless motional damping ("bias") which reduces bearing chatter, one of the causes of "bright," artificially "sweetened" sonics which can be heard with inferior ball bearing isolation feet.

Build-as-you-go Modular design
The Isis is a modular system- you can start with just one or two levels and build up to multiple levels at your own pace. Change shelf spacing, isolation options, or type and number of shelves now or later - even shelf size can be changed.

Lightning Rods for Mechanical Energy
The purpose of any rack's leg system should be to transmit energy to ground efficiently - this is called "Mechanical Grounding" and is essential for best bass performance. This pathway depends upon good mechanical conductivity - and the material makeup and design of the legs, often overlooked, is one of the keys to a rack's ultimate bass performance. Instead of the more commonly found legs which are made of wood, hollow tubing or steel, the Isis features solid legs of aircraft alloy aluminum - for unsurpassed mechanical grounding and sonic performance (aluminum posesses superior transmission efficiency to all other materials except silver or copper). The Isis offers quality you won't find elsewhere. Wood legs, or tubular metal legs, even if filled with sand or lead shot, cannot match the mechanical transmission capacity of the Isis' precision machined 1 7/8" diameter, solid aluminum leg sections.

EMI/RF "Faraday" shield design
Because of its shelf system construction, the Isis Rack system helps reduce distortion in sensitive components by providing RF/EMI shielding for your components. Multiple stainless steel layers form a "Faraday Shield" which reduces the harmful effects of EMI and RF, especially that which is generated by proximity to certain components, such as High Definition video receivers, which can emit higher amounts of EMI and RF energy. All current Isis levels have dedicated Ground Connection posts at the rear of each shelf for electrical connection between components and shelf, and/or shelf and a dedicated electrical ground.

Shelf and Finish options
Choose several different shelf options, including Standard or Ultra Levels. Isis shelves are precision laser-cut from polished stainless steel and are available in either 21x19 interior shelf size or optional "XL" (eXtended Length) 21" wide x 23" deep shelves for very deep components. Our most popular top level is the XT (eXtended Top) Top, which is 24" wide x 20" deep Xtended Top. The 21" x 19" size is also available for a top level is a smaller area is desired. Our "top of the line" top shelf is the 27" wide x 22" deep Turntable Top, which offers vertical isolation damping for best results with the finest analog turntables, digital transports, music servers or other critical components. You can choose from three leg and hardware finishes, including Deep Black Anodized, Natural Brushed aluminum, or premium, hand-polished Silver.

Shelf spacing flexibility
The modular nature of the Isis Rack allows for different component spacings determined by the leg lengths of each section, and "legsets" can be swapped out to change spacing if your spacing requirements change over time. For spacing combinations with standard legsets, please click here. If you need more space, or wish to tailor the total rack height to your particular needs, custom legsets of virtually any length are available on special order.

High energy transmission reversible leveling spikes
The interface between any rack and the floor is usually accomplished through adjustable spikes found at the bottom of each leg. Most don't give much though to this device - but in fact, the material used in the spike is critical, since it must have the fastest mechanical conductivity and efficiency possible. For this purpose, Symposium specified the second fastest metal on earth after silver, and Isis Rack leveling is accomplished through custom, heavy duty 1/2-20 Tellurium copper threaded bottom spikes. In addition, these unique spikes are reversible, with a machined flat side for hard floors, and a sharpened point side for carpets. Leveling is accomplished (even after the rack is fully loaded) by simply inserting a supplied tool through the spikes' orthogonal access holes - which makes it easy to turn the spikes under load. Locking nuts are premium brass.

"Real Engineering"
Webster's dictionary defines engineering as "the science concerned with putting scientific knowledge to practical uses." The audio art - and the art of home theater as well- is constantly advancing, and demanding new and better solutions, and even new and better science. And so, we seek the harmonious and efficient confluence of all of the requirements for the solution of a problem. Since the state-of-the-art is always re-inventing itself, state-of-the-art engineering must be equally as creative - for how else can we find new solutions for problems which were unheard of a generation ago? For this reason, while they may seem tenable upon first encountering them, relying on readily accessible solutions used in unrelated industries (automotive, industrial, military, etc), while easier, is neither adequate nor desirable for the specific and unique requirements demanded by high end audio and video systems, because the processes are different and not equivalent. For this reason, Symposium is committed to always seek the better solution, and make it available in our products regardless of its difficulty or expense.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.
All Symposium products are designed and manufactured in the United States, with the great majority of parts and materials 100% made in the USA. We employ the best designs, materials, methods and local craftspeople in order to achieve our goal: to offer the highest quality product of its kind available.

US Retail Pricing
For US Retail pricing, please click here for general pricing on the most popular rack configurations. Bear in mind that the Isis is completely modular and can be configured in virtually ANY way desired, and can even be modified at a later date as your requirements change. Also, you may wish to peruse the US Retail price list for the Options and Upgrades; please be aware that there are some options listed that are not on the website, but you can request more information if needed via email. For US pricing of Options and Upgrades, please click click here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you are NOT in the USA, your local pricing will differ due to shipping, VAT, local import duty, etc. etc. Please consult with your local distributor for pricing in your country. If you do NOT have a representative in your country, please contact Symposium for Overseas direct pricing via email or via telephone at 1-973-616-4787.

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